John "Dennis" Mancino

Dennis MancinoJohn "Dennis" Mancino Dennis first met Doug Smith in September, 1961 when entering fourth grade at Visitation Grammar School in Westchester, California.

By the fall of 1962, while in the 5th grade class of Sister Rose Aloysius, Doug and Dennis had become such good friends that Dennis received his first and only “Unsatisfactory” mark in conduct on his report card. Sister promptly separated Doug and Dennis after that quarter, and Dennis' Dad separated them in other ways as well.

In the early winter of 1964 Doug and Dennis were attending the 6th grade class of Mrs. Carter and were very interested in music.

As most kids were, they also were great fans of the Beatles. So Doug and Dennis began playing guitars together. And by 7th grade they’d purchased their very first electric guitars, knock-offs of Fender for which Dennis can’t even remember the brand name.

Doug and Dennis would play their guitars in a shack Doug's Dad had built in their backyard…a shack that had all the comforts of a home, including electricity, heating and two beds. They would play nearly all night on weekends bringing little sleep, but much fun.

Near the end of their 7th grade school year Dennis was asked by friends in the opposite 7th grade class to play for the 8th grade graduation breakfast.

The band included Dennis, Dennis Grady, Brian Sievers, and Pat Finnerty, with Chuck Daily on drums. The songs: Walk Don’t Run, Bulldog, and two other songs by the Ventures. It was an event Dennis still remembers to this day.

The following year in the 8th grade class of Sister Leo Joseph, Doug, Chuck and Dennis continued to play music together, culminating with a performance at their own 8th grade graduation party held by Dennis' cousin, Teresa Flynn, also their classmate.

Doug and Dennis played together for the next couple of years and, as most do, went off into the world after high school to pursue their careers.

Dennis went into manufacturing management and worked in the industry for nearly 30 years.

In 1995 Dennis formed a band with a friend, Kevin McHugh and played for several gigs throughout the Southern California area. Dennis also performed solo in several clubs, most notably the Crazyhorse Steakhouse & Saloon in Orange County. This was the same venue that featured such well-known celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Rick Nelson. Dennis played there every Friday and Saturday night for four months, playing songs from the Beatles, Rolling Stones, John Denver, Donovan, Creedance Clearwater, the Byrds, Eric Clapton, the Eagles, the Travelin’ Wilburys, the Turtles, and Bob Dylan.

After spending time with Doug again at their 40th high school reunion, and sharing their own recorded music with each other, they decided to form their own band again.

Dennis has prerecorded tracks using several instruments which Doug and Dennis play and sing along to live, producing a full band sound. They play much of the same music – classic rock and a few alternatives as well.

They are available to play at events of all kinds and believe that their music excites those who share fond memories of the music as far back as the 1950s.

We look forward to playing for your events!!
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